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How Important Is Regular Flossing to Your Dental Health?

Dental Floss Care

Dental Floss CareYou hear it every time you visit a dentist office: flossing your death on a regular basis is a must! While many individuals do not heed this vital warning from their health care specialists, there is a significant amount of truth behind this mantra. Proper Dental Floss Care can protect your teeth from cavities and keep your breath fresh at all times. Our experts at Andres de Cardenas’ office are here to further illustrate why flossing should be a part of your daily routine. Read more…

What Is Causing Your Teeth Discoloration?

Miami Teeth Whitening
Miami Teeth Whitening

Miami Teeth Whitening

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What is causing your teeth discoloration? How can you restore their brightness?

Smiling is a sign of happiness, confidence, and more! When we smile, people know we are happy and trusting and enjoying our time, but imagine having teeth discoloration that can cause you not to smile? How will people know you are happy? It is time to change teeth discoloration with with Dr. de Cardenas’ Miami Teeth Whitening! But before we talk to you about our service, lets help you understand more about what is discoloring your teeth in order to help prevention in the future.
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