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How Often Should You Have Your Teeth X-Rayed? Find out Now!

Dental X Ray Systems

Dental X-Ray SystemsDental x-raying has become a crucial part of maintaining proper dental hygiene. While everything may appear to be healthy and functioning externally, only an x-ray can truly give a professional a clear picture of your situation. At the dental offices of Andres de Cardenas, we highly recommend that all of our patients come in regularly for the proper Dental X Ray Systems to ensure that their teeth remain in the best condition possible. Read more…

How Can a Root Canal Benefit Your Tooth?

Miami Root Canal Procedure
Miami Root Canal Procedure

Miami Root Canal Procedure

Cosmetic Dental Offices Miami 

A root canal is used for a tooth that has deteriorated or has become infected and is performed when the nerve tissue in the tooth is damaged. As usual in any medical or dental procedure, people will be hesitant and unsure about what the procedure has to offer them and if it is worth it. At the Miami Cosmetic Dentist office, we offer the best Miami Root Canal Procedure, and we are ready to prove it to you with a list of benefits that our root canal procedure offers your tooth.

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