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Top Expert Tips on Properly Maintaining Your Veneers (#3 is a MUST)

Composite Veneers Miami

Composite Veneers Miami

If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, it can take a considerable toll on your overall confidence. Everyone dreams of a smile they don’t have to hide and can be proud to show off at any moment but, unfortunately, very few individuals are born with a perfect set of teeth. However, thanks to amazing advances in technology and dental techniques, you can finally achieve the smile you have always wanted with the help of Composite Veneers Miami! To learn more about this fantastic option and how you should properly care for them, read on for some expert advice from our team at the offices of Dr. Andres de Cardenas. Read more…

Why Is Smoking Harmful to Your Oral Health?

Mouth Cancer From Smoking

Oral Cancer Doctor Miami
Oral Cancer Doctor Miami

Did you know that even a single cigarette contains approximately 7000 different toxic chemical agents? Imagine smoking an entire pack of cigarettes in one day. This is roughly 20 cigarettes containing 140,000 toxic chemicals straight into your body.

Smoking deteriorates the entire body. However, this all begins in the mouth with the first puff. If you take care of your oral health but still smoke regularly, this slows down the process of obtaining preeminent oral health.

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