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Have Sensitive Teeth? Find out Why!

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Sensitive Teeth Treatment

Sensitive Teeth Treatment
Sensitive Teeth Treatment

Who thought chewing a soft ice cream could cause such excruciating pain that would literally make you scream? It’s not the ice that gives everyone trouble, it’s the sensitive teeth. Yeah, ice cream or cold drinks may give people brain freeze, but you obviously know that it’s not the cold part. Hot, cold, or acid drinks or foods can all cause pain to your teeth if they’re sensitive. Your teeth need to get stronger, and there are many ways you could treat your teeth from being sensitive. The reason why your teeth feel pain when eating or drinking something cold, hot, or acidic is because the enamel becomes thin, and there is less protection and there is more external stimulation on the dentin. You could eliminate certain bad habits that are causing the exposure the dentin. At the Miami Cosmetic Dentist’s Office, the Sensitive Teeth Treatment is extremely popular among dental patients. For this very reason, we urge you to follow our helpful dental tips that can ensure you healthier and less-sensitive teeth!

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