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What Are Common Signs That You May Have an Abscessed or Infected Tooth?

Tooth Infection Relief

Tooth Infection ReliefPaying close attention to your dental health is an essential part of taking care of your overall wellbeing. While many individuals allow it to fall by the wayside far too often, it is important to note that significant health complications can stem from infections in the mouth. If you have developed an abscess, our experts at the Miami Cosmetic Dentist can help you find the best options for Tooth Infection Relief.
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5 Reason Why Teeth Cleaning Is Important!

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth CleaningYou have been hearing the same warning since you were just a young child: you must take great care to brush your teeth properly and regularly if you hope to maintain good dental hygiene. While most individuals believe that they have this down pat at their older age, you will be surprised to learn that some adults still do not know the technique to proper Teeth Cleaning. Read more…

Professional Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth WhiteningIf your teeth are not as bright or white as they once were, this can negatively affect your self-esteem. You may not smile in public as much as you used to. This can make you come off as looking unhappy when in reality you are feeling great. Rather than keep struggling with this problem, come visit Dr. Andres de Cardenas for a Professional Teeth Whitening! In a visit with Dr. de Cardenas, your teeth will look the best they ever have! After a short procedure, only lasting about 30 minutes to an hour, we can have you back on your routine with bright, shining teeth. Read more…

Have Pearly Whites With Dental Whitening Services!

Teeth Whitening in Miami

Professional Teeth Whitening

For many women, one of the most important aspects of their physical appearance is the health and color of their teeth. Nothing feels better than applying some vibrant, red lipstick for a night out on the town, knowing that your pearly whites look just as vibrant in comparison. However, if your teeth have begun to yellow, the red lipstick may do nothing but worsen the situation and draw unnecessary attention to the discoloration. Read more…