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Three Things You Could Do to Significantly Decrease Your Chances of Getting Gum Disease

Home Dental Care

Home Dental CareMost individuals fear that they will develop a serious dental issue at some point in their lives, which typically stems from a general fear of visiting the dentist in the first place. While a trip to the offices of Andres de Cardenas is never something you should fear, our team understands the underlying anxiety associated with encountering oral complications. However, there are steps you can take towards securing your dental health right from home. If you are concerned about developing gum disease, we have several Home Dental Care tips that are sure to help! Read more…

Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing at Home to Care for Your Teeth

Home Dental Care

Home Dental CareYou’ve heard it time and time again, but the best treatment indeed is prevention. Rather than allow your teeth to become filled with plaque and riddled in cavities, you should be taking the proper steps to care for your teeth at home effectively. While it is still important to visit your dentist for a deep cleaning and check-up every six months to a year, you must also do your part. For the best advice on Home Dental Care, the professionals at the Miami Cosmetic Dentist are here to help! Read more…