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You Won’t Have to Sell an Arm and Leg Just to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed too!

Affordable Dentist Miami

Affordable Dentist MiamiOral pains and toothaches are not something that should be left ignored. However, many individuals choose to take some over the counter painkillers and put off the dentist visit for as long as they can stand it because they fear the astronomical prices they may have to pay. At the offices of Andres de Cardenas, we believe that proper dental care should be accessible to everyone. If you want to avoid selling an arm and a leg the next time you schedule an appointment, visit our Affordable Dentist Miami! Read more…

Springtime Weather Makes us Smile With Our Teeth Here in Miami!

Cosmetic Dentist Miami

Cosmetic Dentist MiamiNow that the weather is warming up, you have more reason to smile wide! A bright smile can lighten any mood, but if you’re not confident in your smile, it can be a cause for embarrassment. Rather than letting your smile stay hidden any longer, visit a Cosmetic Dentist Miami at the office of Dr. Andres de Cardenas and have a smile you can be proud of! Read more…

The REAL Infinity War: Dentures Vs. Implants

Dentures Vs. Implants

Dentures Vs. ImplantsWe all wish we had perfect, flawless teeth, at all times but unfortunately, that is not always an attainable desire. There are certain steps you can take in your personal, preventative care to oversee that your teeth remain in healthy condition for as long as possible, but some individuals will still require some form of treatment regardless of their upkeep. If you have found yourself in a position where you are debating the choice between getting Dentures Vs. Implants, our team at the offices of Andres de Cardenas can help you weigh the pros and cons. Read more…

Say Cheese! Show Off Your Best Smile After a Visit to Dr. de Cardenas!

Cosmetic Dentistry Miami

Cosmetic Dentistry MiamiHaving a healthy smile not only helps you look younger but can also provide a picture of the rest of your body’s health. If your smile is not as bright or straight as you want it to be, it can negatively affect your confidence. At the office of Dr. Andres de Cardenas, our experts in Cosmetic Dentistry Miami will help make your smile look its best after a visit to our office! Read more…

Dreaming of Your Teeth Falling Out? Don’t Let THAT Dream Come True!


PeriodontitisAs far as nightmares go, dreaming of your teeth falling out ranks at the top of the list of some of the most horrific and traumatizing ones to experience. While many individuals believe that dreams of this nature are tied to superstitious omens, it may just be your subconscious mind reminding you that it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dentist! Our experts at the offices of Andres de Cardenas provide you with the best dental services, ensuring that you are safe from Periodontitis or any other harmful conditions. Read more…

Think Your Gums Are Receding? Schedule a Consultation with us Today!

Reverse Gum Recession

Reverse Gum RecessionHow closely do you monitor your dental health? Issues can occur overnight or happen gradually over time, but they can only be detected if you are taking the needed steps to stay on top of your oral health. If you suspect that you may be suffering from gum recession, it is important that you schedule an appointment with our specialists at the offices of Andres de Cardenas immediately. We can take a closer look at the issues you may be having and provide solutions to Reverse Gum Recession. Read more…

Avoid Painful Dry Socket With These Helpful Tips!

Dry Socket

Dry SocketTooth extractions aren’t exactly an enjoyable experience, but as long as the procedure is done correctly, the recovery should be relatively simple and painless. Have you had a tooth removed recently? If you are beginning to come across unusual pain that does not seem to subside days after the procedure, it is possible that you are experiencing symptoms of Dry Socket that may require further medical attention. Read more…

Enjoy the Sweet Valentine’s Chocolate, Leave the not-so-sweet Cavities to Us!

Miami Cosmetic Dentistry

Miami Cosmetic Dentistry

With the holiday season coming to an end and Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, your teeth can be suffering the consequences of eating an excess of chocolate and other desserts. Over time, this can lead to tooth decay and cavities, which is why we offer the best Miami Cosmetic Dentistry at the office of Dr. Andres de Cardenas. Read more…