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Why Is Smoking Harmful to Your Oral Health?

Mouth Cancer From Smoking

Oral Cancer Doctor Miami
Oral Cancer Doctor Miami

Did you know that a single cigarette contains 7000 different toxic chemicals? Imagine smoking an entire pack of cigarette in one day which is around 20 cigarettes, that’s around 140,000 toxic chemicals roaming around your body. Smoking deteriorates the entire body, but it all begins in the mouth when you take a puff. If you take care of your oral health by performing the daily routine but you are smoking then you are drastically slowing down the process of a good oral health. Using this logic, imagine an obese person training in the gym everyday to reach their weight loss goals but then when they get home they eat nothing but junk food right after that intense workout. It is extremely important that you find a way to quit smoking because if not, your mouth will begin damaging little by little. Not only does smoking raise your risks of developing cavities or gum disease but increases the chance of getting oral cancer. Read more…