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Taking Care of Your Dental Hygiene Now Can Keep You Out of the Doctor’s Office Later

Tips for a Healthy, Enduring Smile with At Home Dental Care

at home dental carePreventing tooth decay and dental degradation begins with consistent oral hygiene, as well as optimal dietary habits. Brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing daily remain essential to your best possible dental health. While you’ve probably heard this before, it’s true.  Brushing and flossing are the first line of defense against cavities, in addition to tooth decay!



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Find Out Why These Implants are One of the Fastest Growing Cosmetic Procedures!

All-on-4 Dental Implants – The Smart Solution for Missing Teeth

cosmetic dentist in MiamiDental implants represent the most recommended treatment for tooth loss in adults. As one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures, this popularity is due to superior strength and durability they can provide. They additionally stimulate the jaw bone for uncompromising mouth structure.

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Invisalign: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Time and Cost of Braces?

The Advantages of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

teeth straightening optionsMisaligned and crooked teeth appear unattractive. However, they can also result in substantial difficulty when attempting to clean your teeth properly. Improperly cleaned teeth may contract infection and gum disease that also called periodontal disease. This condition increases the risk of bone and gum damage, in addition to tooth loss.

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What to Expect During Your First Visit with Dr. Andres de Cardenas

What you can expect at your First Appointment with a New Dentist

routine dental visitSwitching to a new dentist can fill you with anxiety. After all, most of us prefer not to spend the day with dental tools in our mouth. Nonetheless, a routine dental visit is typically a low-key endeavor.

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Your Guide to Whitening Your Smile at Home!

Teeth Whitening Services

Dental Injection Site PainYour smile is one of your most recognizable features, and bright, healthy teeth will make it look unforgettable. If you’ve been hiding your smile because you’re not happy with how it looks, it’s time to make your smile look brand new. At the office of Dr. Andres de Cardenas, our Teeth Whitening Services will have you smiling non-stop!

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Considering Straightening Your Teeth? Let Us Help You Decide How to Do it!

invisalign vs braces
woman choicce different brace on green background

Invisalign vs Braces – Cosmetic Dentistry in Miami Employs Both

When you consider the two most popular methods of teeth-straightening dental technology, you likely possess numerous questions or concerns. Which method is more effective, and affordable?

Both Invisalign and brace designs specifically straighten teeth, improving smiles, as well as promoting optimal oral health. Nonetheless, Invisalign hit the market around the year 2000. For this reason, the treatment does not wield the same storied history as braces. Read more…

Signs It Is Time for a Dental Extraction!

Orthodontist in Miami

Orthodontist in Miami

A great smile is a great help in boosting your confidence in any situation you find yourself. Whether it’s the place where you work, social situations, or in your daily trips, your self-confidence is strengthened. It is not impossible to achieve a beautiful smile for yourself – just get in touch with a good Orthodontist in Miami and the smile that you desire can become a reality, and it will be yours forever. Read more…

Is All-On-4 Right for You? Find out Now!

All-On-4 Dental Implants

Miami Implant Dentist
Miami Implant Dentist

All-on-4 dental implants is a procedure for replacing the upper and or lower teeth using only four titanium implants, whereas regular implants utilize six or more, supporting a denture containing 12 or 14 teeth. The name says it all, this treatment can done in just one day. Dr de Cardenas is a professional and experienced Miami Implant Dentist that can provide you with a new smile no matter the existing bone volume. Read more…

Are Stained Teeth an Issue? Dr. de Cardenas can Help!

Teeth Stain Removal

Teeth Stain Removal
Teeth Stain Removal

Do you ever feel like your teeth just look a little yellow? Have you ever been embarrassed to smile in front of the camera during group pictures? When a person is in need or want of Teeth Stain Removal, they typically are extremely aware of the issue. Your smile is one of the most pronounced ways that you let everyone know you are excited about life and an optimistic person. Read more…

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